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Unique Set Unakite Necklace n Earrings

This Unique Set of Unakite Earrings and Necklace (necklace 16" & has 14ky gold lobster clasp.  Earrings are set with Gold Plated Ear hoops that open and close) this is one of my favorite color combinations!! Pink and Green!! 

Unakite is an opaque stone that has quartz and feldspar to give it is unique color combination.

Why Wear Unakite?  The color has pigments of pink and olive green.  A powerful spiritual stone for “living in the now” dust away negative energy , release the past - it helps keep you anchored - get out of your head and heart - have good thoughts instead - you can tell stone all your troubles and feel release.   Are you a Unique psychic? when you place the Unakite in the middle of your forehead (third-eye)  a powerful way to gain insight from your past to guide your future. Let it be the crystal ball you've been looking for…