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Tatted Star Earrings - Pearls

These Sterling Silver Fishhook shaped findings are used to make earrings. The hook end passes through the pierced ear, while an ornament hangs from the other end.  For extra security a rubber back can be placed close to the lobe.

Elegant, lacy style Tatted Star Earrings with Freshwater Pearls and Sterling Silver Ear wires. Great gift for a bride!!

Passed down by hand through the generations since the mid 1800s, the craft of tatting is as simple as simple can be, or as complex and detailed as you want it to be, limited only by your imagination. 

My passion for tatting derives from that very intriguing balance of simplicity and complexity. Creating my designs challenges my imagination, even as the repetitive steps calm me and lead me into a meditative peacefulness. 

It is my fervent wish that my tatting might pass from my hands into yours, and that you might also be touched by this unique craft.

What makes my jewelry so special?
To provide a fresh, clean and elegant style with a flare of vintage that is made with pride and customer satisfaction.

STYLE# TE_0015P is a finer thread #50  TE_0006P  #30 Thread