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Tatted Necklace with Keishi and Crystals

Tatted Stars and Keishi Pearls (natural) and crystals are peppered throughout this ornate necklace.  Can You imagine Wrapping your lovely neck with this wearable art necklace?? This Unique Style is One of a Kind!! And so are you!!

Are you remembering your Great Grandma, Grandma, or Aunt? Were they tatting and chatting? Yes, life can be hectic - so little time to reflect - too many distractions and busy schedules. But, what if you could wear a piece of tatted history? That is what tatting is for me. It’s like recreating a piece of history - nostalgia - frivolity and a reminder of times gone by…
Tatting has been around for over two hundred years and perhaps longer - it is not knitting or crocheting - tatting is done with the fine dexterity of fingers, cotton thread and a shuttle. 
The shuttle is like a bird flying around and the fingers move the bird in such a way that it creates fine lace - delicate to touch but sturdy - making wonderful pieces of wearable art from 100% mercerized cotton.