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Tatted Hemp Ecru Bracelet

Can you imagine wearing Natural art jewelry!!  
Tatting in itself is art...  Tatted Ecru Hemp Bracelet comes with a sterling silver lobster clasp.
Tatting with hemp fiber and creating wearable art that is uniquely yours!
As a thread this fiber is very stiff and hard to tat with - but I Love that it can be done as a scalloped bracelet.   
The origin of tatting is still unknown-perhaps the Egyptians were the first to create this fine lace - or fishermen or was it the French?  Who Knows??  We do know there is a renewed interest in the making of this fine lace and there are not that many people now who can tat - it’s truly a dying art. Perhaps a lot of us remember our Grandmothers doing this handiwork.  Tatting is meditative – this is all you can think about when doing it- as you have to count between double stitches and picots...  We can make a connection through tatting... and with hemp.
HEMP: is a plant and the fibers made from it. It is a subspecies of the Cannabis sativa plant. It is usually used to make cloth and other textiles , and ropes and thread .
Let me know your Unique length... as these bracelets are made to order.