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Tatted Hemp Choker with Glass Pendant

Can you imagine wearing Natural art jewelry!!  
Tatting in itself is art...  Tatted Hemp Choker with Glass Pendant... A choker is a close-fitting choker/necklace approximately 14.5 inches long, and is worn around the neck. These handcrafted tatted Chokers are made with hemp.
Yes! Chokers are coming back!!! Even though they have been around for thousands of years.

Attached with a sterling silver pendant clasp this Stainless Steel+glass, highly resisted to rust, corrosion and tarnishing, anti-allergy and water resistant.  Pendant size: 43.3*12mm.
This Glass keepsaker urn necklace features cylinder-shaped. You can open it by unscrewing. You can add your favorite aroma, oil fragrance, oil or herb!! This pendant can also be used as remembrance jewelry or memorial jewelry is used as a remarkable way to memorialize a loved one or loved pet.

Who wears chokers? That’s a great question… commonly Actors, a Free Spirit or the unique person who wants to renew an almost forgotten piece of jewelry. If you wear a tatted choker you can feel great that you are wearing something “old” but feels new to you! I LOVE making chokers and would love to make yours – uniquely yours. Order your Unique Choker Today! … why wait?

HEMP is a plant and the fibers are made from it. It is a subspecies of the Cannabis sativa plant. It is usually used to make cloth and other textiles, ropes and thread.  As a thread Hemp is very stiff and hard to tat with but this scallop design is ideal for this heavier thread.