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Tatted Choker with Coin Pearl

Imagine wearing this lovely piece wherever you go...  A Choker with a Coin Pearl!! This tatted choker is a close-fitting choker/necklace approximately 14.5 inches long, and is worn around the neck.  VerUnique’s handcrafted tatted Chokers are made with 100% mercerized cotton. They are embellished in a so many ways, including this coin pearl!! Sterling silver lobster clasp and bail.

Yes! Chokers are coming back!!! Even though they have been around for thousands of years. Who wears chokers? That’s a great question… commonly Actors, a Free Spirit or the unique person who wants to renew an almost forgotten piece of jewelry. If you wear a tatted choker you can feel great that you are wearing something “old” but feels new to you!

I LOVE making chokers and would love to make yours - let me know your unique length – so it is uniquely yours!