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Japanese Cultured Pearls

Japanese Cultured Pearls approximately 6mm and 18" length with Sterling Silver pearl clasp....

Yes, I want as much as everyone to allow pearls to grow in natural freshwater - however with pollutants (nitrates) and the increase demand for this special creation - cultured pearls now equal about 90% of the trade... It takes special care, precision and years for the pearl to develop and become a necklace!! 

Why wear pearls? Elegant, timeless and classic!!  Were you born in June? Pearls help body rhythms and to harmonize humans with the natural world.  Did you know it takes 3-7 years for a pearl to be created?   Verunique takes these pearls one by one and creates wearable art to be worn and loved by you - making it uniquely yours!  Or a unique gift!?!