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heArtful Card - Falling Maple Leaves

Falling Maple Leaves!!  An abundance of color surrounds us in the New England States - especially in Vermont.  There are jaw dropping reds, vibrant oranges, bright yellow and shades of green that make you want to pull your car over and photograph these amazing views!!! Even as children we would make piles of leaves and jump in them with hearts delight… a great pastime and then play spotlight in the warmth of fall.  As I take my dog Blue for walks on our road - I got an idea to do a matte/card with the smallest maple leaves possible (like my own scavenger hunt) … then I even used gold leaf to capture the golden colors…. The maple leaves are real and some may have been exaggerated for color - believe me there was hardly anything left for me to do as the colors speak for themselves!! I love the dried flowers, tatted flowers, birch fence post, black eyed susie flower, thickly barked trees (from acrylic) and the fall scene of raking leaves and taking a break… there will be more leaves as the winds blow fall into winter!!

How is the heArtful card designed:  Each 5x7 card has a unique story and love from the heArt!! The process starts with my love of nature and the details that encapsulate me on a daily basis. The heArtful cards are pictures of actual mattes that were created by (me) VerUnique with acrylic paint, colorful tatted flowers, strings of grass, strands of hay, a couple dried local wild flowers,  and of course a tatted butterfly. 

From my ♥️ to heArtful Cards!!