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Tatted Hemp Choker - Purple

Can you imagine wearing Natural art jewelry!!  
Tatting in itself is art...  A choker is a close-fitting choker/necklace approximately 14.5 inches long, and is worn around the neck. These handcrafted tatted Chokers are made with hemp. Add a favorite Pendant or wear as it is.

Yes! Chokers are coming back!!! Even though they have been around for thousands of years. Who wears chokers? That’s a great question… commonly Actors, a Free Spirit or the unique person who wants to renew an almost forgotten piece of jewelry. If you wear a tatted choker you can feel great that you are wearing something “old” but feels new to you! I LOVE making chokers and would love to make yours – uniquely yours. Order your Unique Choker Today! With the Holidays just around the corner this could be the gift you give yourself or a person on your list… why wait?Tatted Purple Hemp Choker!! What a great creation with Hemp!! Hemp has been around... as fiber, and medicine in the 1st millennium BC!!

HEMP is a plant and the fibers are made from it. It is a subspecies of the Cannabis sativa plant. It is usually used to make cloth and other textiles, ropes and thread.

As a thread Hemp is very stiff and hard to tat with - but I Love that it can be done as a scalloped choker.  This choker does not have picots - the Lacy look is missing!!