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Tatted Scallop Ecru Earrings

Tatted Scallop Ecru Earrings so unique!! Pearls have been added to give these earrings a touch of classic style!

Remembering your Great Grandma, Grandma, or Aunt? Were they tatting and chatting? Yes, life can be hectic - so little time to reflect - too many distractions and busy schedules. But, what if you could wear a piece of tatted history? That is what tatting is for me. It’s like recreating a piece of history - nostalgia - frivolity and a reminder of times gone by…
Tatting has been around for over two hundred years and perhaps longer - it is not knitting or crocheting - tatting is done with the fine dexterity of fingers, cotton thread and a shuttle.
The shuttle is like a bird flying about and the fingers move the bird in such a way that it creates fine lace - delicate to touch but sturdy - making wonderful pieces of wearable art from medallions that will adorn your ears, neck, wrist or ankle.

Uniquely Yours - You can decide on a favorite color and beads that will empower you - when worn. Working with my hands gives me the freedom to create jewelry that is unique to you and your style.

What makes my jewelry so special?
To provide a fresh, clean and elegant style with a flare of vintage that is made with pride and customer satisfaction.

Jewelry that is VeryUnique (VerUnique) and uniquely yours!! Enjoy wearing your piece of tatted history!!