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Fine Art Photographic Print, Double Matted, Under Glare-Free Acrylic, Modern White Frame, Hanging Wire, Backing Paper, Wall Bumpers. Photo is 5"x5". Matte is 8"x8". Frame is 10"x10". The origins of tatting are still unknown-perhaps the Egyptians were the first to create this fine lace - or perhaps it was fishermen or was it the French? Tatting is meditative while creating and counting slipknots and making picots (the loops). That is what makes this lacy design come to life. We do know there is a renewed interest in the making of this fine lace. The art of tatting is truly a dying art. I would love to be able to make a connection with my art and collectively share with the discerning people who get the art of tatting and appreciate its fine craftsmanship.
Tatted Ornaments:  Tatted ornaments/snowflakes are beautiful to look at year around...  Tatting is meditative-creating and counting slip knots is what makes this lacy design come to life. The tools needed are a shuttle and thread and the fine dexterity of fingers and of course patience.