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Circle of Friends - Carved Dog Paw

These sterling silver threader earrings are lightweight and made with a very fine chain and the solid thin metal passes through the lobe and the earring stays put - for extra security a rubber back can be placed close to the lobe. 

VerUnique has just created a new line of wearable art!!! This wonderful inspiration has been with me for some time... my thought was it has to be unique of course with a memory or story... my effort has come full circle....  Inspired by the passing of our Golden Retriever a few years ago - who gave us so many cheerful, can-do moments with his three legs (he still tears us up and makes us smile). Ultimately, this creation is for our awe-inspiring pets!! A memory of our pets passed and present… 

With LOVE Always to our Circle of Friends. Why not wear a piece of art that reflects your story? We all have one buried inside us - my hope is that you enjoy sharing and wearing as much as I enjoyed making… Cheers to our Circle of Friends!!